Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Equestrian Team Fall - Day 7


This was officially my last lesson of the quarter! It was spontaneous. One of the girls was able to get her car and drive us out there, and I'm glad that I got to end my quarter on such a good note.

I rode Wonder, this little white mare. She was kind of hard to get going, but Stacy had me working on transitions more than anything else. I wish I could just pick up the right diagonal when I start posting, I always have to switch and it bugs me that I know that I have to switch right as Stacy's telling me to. Ugh! I wish there were some trotty horses at my barn so I could practice for free over the winter without going out to lessons, especially when I'm not working over break, paying every week for lessons sure adds up!

At the end of the lesson, Stacy said that she thought that Wonder was "too much horse for me". I'm not really sure what she meant by that, because I thought I was handling her fine. She got spooked twice on one end of the arena because of construction noises and although I could have handled it like I would've the Pasos, I didn't know if I would get yelled at for flexing her far to the side into a circle to stop, so I did a big-ish circle to calm her down. It's not like I was going to fall off. I mean, yeah they shouldn't spook, but I don't know if they've worked under construction before, so it could've been okay for them to be scared of the noise. I thought I had a great lesson because I was able to recognize the wrong diagonals and not have to wait until Stacy told me when they were wrong and that as the lesson continued I got better at asking lazy Wonder to pick up her trot and canter.

Oh well. I can't wait to show Stacy how much horse I can handle! She's going to come out and ride at my barn over the break! I can't wait to show her what I deal with, where my roots are. I'm sure she'll just be amazed at how much we stress being like rubber-band flexible, because every time I circle a horse in a circle that I think is huge compared to what we do, she's always like "Not so small! You don't do that on these horses until at least third level dressage!"

Oh and a random note -- that show I was going to go to this upcoming weekend, yeah we're not going to it anymore. There aren't any gaited classes. I supposed I could take Brie for the barrel racing class for fun, but it wouldn't be worth giving up a day of training just for that, especially since it'd be the first time we'd ever do that!

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